Olfactory abilities of dairy cattle

Senast ändrad: 26 oktober 2023

MSc-thesis eller BSc-thesis project available

Are you interested in the olfactory abilities of dairy cattle and want to get hands-on experience conducting a behavioral study?

We are looking for a motivated BSc/MSc student with a background in ethology and interest in the cognition, behaviour and welfare of dairy cattle.

In a Habituation/Dishabituation test (Based on this study: Rørvang et al. 2022), you will investigate whether dairy cattle can detect and discriminate between different odours (specific odours will be essential oils like lavender), and whether some odours might be more interesting to cattle than others.

The thesis work includes a literature review, practical experience of handling dairy cattle during the course of the experiment, data collection including behavioural observations from video that you will record, as well as writing a report.

This study is part of a larger project on the relationship between olfactory perception, cognition, stress and welfare in cattle. The data collection is expected to take place during the spring/summer 2024, either in Skåne, Västra or ÖstraGötalands region.

Want to know more? Contact: Maria Vilain Rørvang, mariav.rorvang@slu.se explaining your motivation and experience