Seminarier vid Institutionen

Senast ändrad: 11 juni 2021

Föreläsningar vid Institutionen för Sydsvensk skogsvetenskap. Föredragen kan följas via Zoom och förhoppningsvis även i salen Silvicum.

Datum Föreläsare Titel på föredrag
January 27th Adam Felton SSFRC SLU Alnarp

The need for a targeted course on critical thinking

February 3rd

John Marshall Department of Forest Ecology and Management, SLU Umeå. Simulating growth of pine plantations under varied management intensity: why do they grow so differently?
February 10th Jessika Lagrelius and Anna Morén, SLU Umeå.   Creating interest for forest and forest education
February 17th Ninad Bondre Research Coordinator at the Vice-Chancellor's Office; Grants Office, SLU Alnarp Grants Office Support Services & Introduction to Horizon Europe
February 24th Arun Kranti Bose Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL and Forestry and Wood Technology Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh Basing Silvicultural Decisions on Quantitative Understanding of Forest Ecosystems
March 3rd Karin Fällman Lillqvist Skogssällskapet TBD
March 10th Tord Snäll Swedish Species Information Centre, SLU Uppsala TBD
March 17th Joan Diaz Calafat SSFRC SLU Alnarp   TBD
March 24th  Emiliano Zocca How we in StoraEnso using laser scanning for forest planning?
March 31st Alex Appiah Mensah Growth trends and site productivity in Swedish forests: Insights from long-term experiments
April 7th Rupert Seidl The changing forest disturbance regimes of Europe
April 14th Henrik Von Stedingk TBD
April 21st Christopher Reyer The controversial role of forests and their products for climate mitigation
April 28th Cecilia Akselsson Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, Lund University Whole-tree harvesting for bioenergy purposes – sustainable or not?
May 5th    
May 12th Paal Krokene Carbon castles & beetle empires: the importance of tree defenses in bark beetle-conifer interactions.
May 19th Martin Goude, SSFRC SLU Alnarp Count with climate change – using hybrid modeling to predict future growth
May 26th Carmen Romeralo Tapia SSFRC SLU Alnarp
Who lives inside? How fungal endophytes can protect trees from diseases.
June 2nd Mateusz Liziniewicz, forskare, SKOGFORSK, Ekeby Forest tree breeding past, present and future!
June 9th Ida Nordström SSFRC SLU Alnarp Inställt

June 16th

Lars Drössler Biodiversity of Caucasian Forests