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Department of Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre offers the interested and eligible students to write their master thesis (30 ECTS or 60 ECTS) or bachelor’s thesis (15 ECTS). We can offer you supervision for your master thesis in the fields of biology and forest management. The following list outlines various subjects in which you can do your thesis work, supervised by the staff at our department or by experts from a company. It is permitted to have several supervisors, from different institutions and countries.

We have expertise and supervisors within the fields of:

  • Silviculture (including regeneration, and forest growth and yield
  • Forest health
  • Forest ecology, history and nature conservation
  • Forest policy and planning
  • Tropical forestry and seed science

In order to start to work on a degree project, students need to have a topic and a supervisor (s) who will guide you throughout your project. We encourage you not to be afraid of your own ideas, i.e. if you have an idea you would like to realize, you are more than welcome to discuss it with us. But if you do not have an exact idea on your mind, there are other possibilities how to get going. Of course, it is always good to have a topic of interest, and if you do, you can contact one of the researchers from our department, within the field of your interest and discuss things further on with them.

Starting from the last year we have adopted a new defense system, i.e. we have certain defense dates, which are open for all the stakeholders. During these days, students that have completed their works by that time will be given a chance to defend their theses. In addition, every student is assigned an opponent, and the student itself has to be an opponent to one of his peers. In order to pass this course one must pass in both, the defense and the opposition. So far this new system has proven itself to be an improvement and has been acknowledged as beneficial by many students in respect of learning how to be a good discussion leader.

For inspiration, take a look at the STUDENT PROJECTS ARCHIVE, with finished Master theses at Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre.
Check also a SLIDESHOW from thesis presentation days in 2019.

For more practical information, i.e. application, course codes, FAQ, please visit the official site of master thesis course at our department.


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The degree project (independent project) represents an important part of your study programme. On this and the following pages, you will find information that you may find useful both before and during your degree project.

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