PRME - Principles for Responsible Management Education

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PRME (  was officially initiated in 2007 by an international task force of sixty deans, university presidents and official representatives of leading business schools and academic institutions. They saw the needs for developing a principle-based global engagement platform for academic institutions follows from a recommendation by all academic stakeholders of the UN Global Compact ( ).

Under the coordination of the UN Global Compact and leading academic institutions, the PRME task force developed a set of six principles which serves as the foundation for the global platform for responsible management education.

“The Principles for Responsible Management Education have the capacity to take the case for universal values and business into classrooms on every continent.”

The former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

PRME provides a global network for academic institutions to advance corporate sustainability and social responsibility, and an engagement framework for the incorporation of universal values into curricula and research. The initiative has grown to more than 741 leading academic institutions from over 85 countries across the world, and includes more than a third of the Financial Times' top 100 business schools.

SLUs progress report (2021) is the second PRME-report, in which we account for the progress we have made since 2019. In two years, it will be updated with a new report of how we comply with the six principles and attain our objectives. This is an ongoing process of accommodating to our current understandings of sustainable development.


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