Regional efficiency of Swedish agriculture

Senast ändrad: 03 mars 2020

Given differences in natural production conditions and regional accessibility to agricultural resources such as land, livestock, capital and labor, the potential of different regions to generate agricultural output and output from entrepreneurial activities are expected to differ. In this project the regional efficiency of the Swedish agricultural sector will be analyzed across 21 territorial units, over the period 2002-2014.

The project will provide empirical evidence on: 1) the efficiency of agricultural resources used in the production process, 2) the efficiency of agricultural and entrepreneurial output. In addition, trends in the efficiency of agricultural resources and farm output will be discussed in relation to the Rural Development Policy (RDP) schemes. The results are expected to provide insights into the allocation and utilization of the agricultural resources in different regions, which is important in understanding regional differences in productivity and profitability.

The project is in co-operation with professor Mette Asmild from Copenhagen University.


Project period

Sept 2016 - March 2017

Project leader

Gordana Manevska-Tasevska and Helena Hansson

Project co-workers

Mette Asmild, Copenhagen University

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