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Researcher's Guide to the Communication Galaxy

Information, tips and links to help you navigate the vast world of communication.

Science communication is reaching out to a wide range of audience groups - and your ability to distill complex findings into useable information, without oversimplification, is essential for your content to engage these audiences.

Plans for effective research communication are now required in many research proposals, and universities who aren’t communicating their research effectively might miss out on government research funding and top spots in university rankings.

10 Simple Rules

Ten simple rules for scientists engaging in science communication

Recently published article in PLOS Computational Biology.

Read the article here >

Latest Newsletter from ScienceCommunication@LTV

Read the latest Newsletter from the communication team at LTV Faculty - lots of hot tips and valuable information!

A Newsletter from Science communication@LTV (ungpd.com)



LÅNA EN FORSKARE ("BORROW A RESEARCHER") is part of ForskarFredag (The Swedish Researchers' Night), and is arranged every year by Vetenskap
& Allmänhet. (VA - PUBLIC AND SCIENCE). It provides an opportunity to communicate your research in an easy and much appreciated way.

Last spring, over 140 classes borrowed a researcher, and on the 25th-28th of September you are given a chance to participate.

Read more about LÅNA EN FORSKARE and how you apply (In Swedish Only).

Making an Impact Course

Find out who's talking about your work - with the help of Altmetrics

Lunch seminar with Daniel Albertsson, from SLU Library, held on the 21st of March.

The powerpoint presentation from the seminar as PDF 

The Altmetrics report for Department of Urban and Rural Development 


Visualise your research

The SciComm Toolkit Podcast

The podcast for scientists to get all the tools they need to communicate their science with confidence.

Dr Soph Milbourne - molecular biologist, science communicator and digital media creator - presents all you need to bring your science stories to life.


How to pitch your research to a journalist

Science journalist Benj Plackett gives the top four techniques for how to break through the noise in a journalist’s inbox.




Anni Hoffrén. Foto.



  Anna Maria Wremp. Foto.  

Anni Hoffrén

Communications Officer




Annika Borg

Communications Officer
SLU Swedish Biodiversity Centre






Anna Maria Wremp






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