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Senast ändrad: 03 oktober 2019

Linnea Hansson
Impacts of forestry operations on soil physical properties, water and temperature dynamics


Julia Kyaschenko
Fungal communities as determinants of carbon dynamics in boreal forest soils

Åsa Löv
New insights into solubility control mechanisms and the role of particle- and colloid-facilitated transport of metals in contaminated soils

Matthew Riddle
Phosphorus leaching from Swedish arable organic soils - quantification and mitigation using biochar


Mário Neves Gonçalo Chilundo
Effects of irrigation and fertiliser management on water and nitrogen use
efficiency in maize on a semi-arid loamy sandy soil

Emilio Magaia
Technologies for improved water use efficiency in small-scale maize production in a semi-arid region

Lisbet Norberg
Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Cultivated Organic Soils - Effect of Cropping System, Soil Type and Drainage

Maria Sandin
Surface and subsurface transport pathways for pesticides to surface waters - Improving understanding of the effects of spatial and temporal variation in soil properties


Helena Andersson
The Role of Subsoil Properties for Phosphorus Leaching in Agricultural Soils

Ann Kristin Eriksson
Phosphorus speciation in Swedish agricultural clay soils. Influence of fertilization and mineralogy

Karin Hamnér
Micronutrients in cereal crops - Impact of nutrient management and soil properties

Sabine Jordan
Greenhouse gas emissions from rewetted extracted peatlands in Sweden

Martin Rappe George
Nitrogen in Soil Water of Coniferous Forests - Effects of Anthropogenic Disturbances

Charlotta Tiberg
Metal sorption to ferrihydrite - Phosphate effects, X-ray absorption spectroscopy and surface complexation modelling


Workneh Bedada
Compost and fertilizer - alternatives or complementary? management feasibility and long-term effects on soil fertility in an Ethiopian village

Kristina Mjöfors
Effects of site preparation and stump harvest on carbon dynamics in forest soils

Masud Parvage
Impact of Horse-keeping on Phosphorus (P) Concentrations in Soil and Water

Karin Steffens
Modelling Climate Change Impacts on Pesticide Leaching - Uncertainty and Scenario Analysis at Field and Regional Scales


Veera Kainiemi
Tillage effects on soil respiration in Swedish arable soils

Pia Kynkäänniemi
Small Wetlands Designed for Phosphorus Retention in Swedish Agricultural Areas

Maja Larsson
Vanadium in soils - Chemistry and Ecotoxicitys

Lorenzo Menichetti
Improving our understanding of carbon cycling in agroecosystems by studying δ¹³C signatures in soil carbon stocks and fluxe - results from a Swedish long-term field experiment

Åsa Myrbeck
Soil tillage influences on soil mineral nitrogen and nitrate leaching in Swedish arable soils

Annika Svanbäck
Mitigation of Phosphorus Leaching from Agricultural Soils - Improved Fertilization and Soil Structure


Stefan Bengtsson
Interception and storage of wet deposited radionuclides in crops - field experiments and modelling

Jian Liu
Phosphorus leaching as influenced by animal manure and catch crops

Abdul Ghafoor
Understanding the causes of spatial variation in pesticide sorption and degradation at the catchment scale


Thord Karlsson
Carbon and nitrogen dynamics in agricultural soils: Model applications at different scales in time and space

Carina Ortiz
Sink or source? Uncertainties in large scale model predictions of forest soil organic carbon dynamics


Örjan Berglund
Greenhouse gas emissions from cultivated peat soils in Sweden

Kristin Boye
Sulfur cycling in Swedish arable soils - a chemical perspective


Lena Engström
Nitrogen dynamics in crop sequences with winter oilseed rape and winter wheat


Anna Lindahl
Sources of pesticide losses to surface waters and groundwater at field and landscape scales

Osvaldo Salazar
Modelling water discharge and nitrogen loads from drained agricultural land at field and watershed scale

Johanna Wetterlind
Improved farm soil mapping using near infrared reflection spectroscopy


Ylva Andrist Rangel
Quantifying mineral sources of potassium in agricultural soils

Joris van Schaik
Binding of metals to macromolecular organic acids in natural waters: does organic matter?

Lovisa Stjernman Forsberg
Reclamation of copper mine tailings using sewage sludge

Mulugeta Zewdie
Temporal changes of biomass production, soil properties and ground flora in Eucalyptus globulus plantations in the Central highlands of Ethiopia

Monica Östman
Ageing landfills: development and processes