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PhD-Student-Day at SBT

Welcome to participate to the annual PhD-student-day at SBT, May 18th 13.00-16 cet. . The objective is to educate ourselves about the different PhD projects and to socialize.

Each PhD-student are given 8min of time to present something interesting from their projects – it could be e.g. study design, experimental set-up, analysis, results etc of specific sub-projects or to present the whole picture. After the presentation 2min are given to the audience to ask some questions, or comment. We will have two 5min breaks during the seminar. The director will keep track of time. 



13:00 General info from the director, Dan Bergström

13:10 Information about the new research school at the forest faculty, Dimitris Athanassiadis

13:30 PhD-Student presentations (8+2min each)

  • Sima Mothashami, Skogforsk
  • Calle Niemi, SLU
  • Rikard Jonsson, Skogforsk
  • Atanu Kumar Das, SLU
  • Meysam Nazari, SLU
  • Malin Johansson, Stora Enso
  • Leif Westerlund, SLU
  • Feng Chen, SLU
  • Christian Höök, SLU
  • Valentin Silveira, SLU – the newest guy!
  • (Andreas Averheim, Valmet - tentative)
  • (Mikael Lundbäck, SLU – cant make it this date)
  • (Marjan Bozaghian, SLU – parental leave)

Summary and conclusions, Dan B et al.

16.00 (at latest!) THE END


Link to Zoom: https://slu-se.zoom.us/j/64620447747


Tid: 2021-05-18 13:00 - 16:00
Ort: Zoom