Nature interpretation networking and training program

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This project is a nature interpretation networking and training program. It is run by the Nordic group for nature interpretation. The aim is to learn more about educational practices for nature interpretation and environmental education in the Nordic countries. By learning from each other we hope to enhance the quality of the education for nature interpreters in the Nordic countries.

What's cool about this project? 

The "Nordic interpretation group" consists of representatives from the leading organisations of nature interpretation and environmental education in Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Therefore the group in and of itself is cool. 

All the organisations in the group are working with educational programs themselves, or together with other educational institutions. The vision for this co-operation group is to promote “nature awareness, connectedness and environmental empowerment for everyone in the Nordic countries”. The mission is:

Through organizational co-operation, bringing together Nordic nature interpreters and environmental educators to increase the quality of nature interpretation and environmental education to fulfill the vision.

Knowledge on nature interpretation and environmental education is more actual than ever, in order to engage people in taking actions for climate, nature and biodiversity in the Nordic countries. One of the key aims of nature interpretation/ environmental education is to increase awareness of the severity of the climate and nature crisis, but also to share inspiration and methods to deal with this situation and to encourage faith in the future.

However, there is also an increasing interest and need for the social dimensions of nature interpretation/environmental education for instance nature-based activities connected to education for health and well-being, participation, integration, and accessibility. Cross-sectoral nature interpretation has a growing relevance to a socially sustainable and just future.

Through this project we want to take our work further by co-developing and delivering knowledge about the novel interpretive methods and offers in the Nordic countries.

What will happen in the project?

The project runs for two years, 2023-2025. 

Each participating country will host a webinar with focus on giving an overview on what courses and other educational activities are offered for nature interpreters / environmental educators in their country. 

At the end of the project period, in March 2025, there will be a Nordic workshop in Sweden where new insights and key findings will be compiled and strategies developed for how the participating organisations can apply new knowledge to their educational programs.

More about the webinars

Training for Nature interpretation and Environmental Education in the Nordic countries

This webinar series brings together professionals in the fields of environmental education and nature interpretation in the Nordic countries to increase understanding, ideas and professional competence. It gives an overview over current structures and ways how education for environmental awareness and nature relationships is supported and enhanced.

What do we have in common and what is unique? What is innovative and what might be the future trends in each country? Each of the five country webinars will give you an overview of the structures and provide you with some concrete examples about programs and methods.


Every webbinar will be held at the same time of the day.
ICE 12am-3pm; SWE/NOR/DEN 1pm-4 pm; FIN 2pm-5pm

Sign up for the webinars at SYKLI:s webb

December 5th 2023: Sweden. Documentation of the webinar

January 18th 2024: Norway

February 7th 2024: Denmark

March 12th 2024: Iceland

April 10th 2024: Finland

March 2025: Final seminar in Sweden (date not yet decided)

En grupp människor står i ring.


The Nordic group for nature interpretation was founded in 2008 and consists of people working in or connected to the following institutions: Swedish Centre for Nature Interpretation at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, The Norwegian Environmental Agency, Norland Nationalpark Center, Norwegian Parks Association/ Interpret Norway, The Sykli Environmental School of Finland, The Finnish Association of Nature and Environment schools (Lyke-network), Metsahallitus (Forststyrelsen), The Danish Rangers Association and the Islandic Department of Environment.


SLU Centrum för naturvägledning (CNV)
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