Who is afraid of the wolf? Sensitive issues as fuel for reflection and provocation of thought

Senast ändrad: 04 december 2017

Hur kan naturvägledare hitta en balans mellan att tillhandahålla härliga natur- och kulturupplevelser och ansvaret att beröra svåra, skrämmande eller till och med deprimerande problem relaterade till klimat, miljö- och naturvård? Vilka möjligheter kommer med att tala om känsliga eller kontroversiella frågor kopplade till våra platser? Kan de känsliga ämnena i sig vara ett bränsle för att stimulera tankar, bredda perspektiv och involvera våra deltagare i diskussioner om värderingar och åtgärder för hållbarhet? Läs CNVs föreståndare, Eva Sandbergs keynote-presentation vid Interpret Europes konferens i Kraków 2015.


Natural and cultural heritage can serve as arenas for reflection and discussion where complex and value-oriented aspects of history and questions of environmental challenges and sustainable development are addressed. We need to stand up for values that give sustainability a meaning based not only on local pride but also on global ownership, respect, tolerance and humanism.

Interpreters all across Europe today work in societies with a growing political movement that might use both cultural and natural heritage as ultra-nationalistic symbols to promote intolerant world views. It is more crucial today than ever to be clear about our objectives, to meet stereotypes and prejudice head-on, and to contribute to – and foster – broadminded ‘citizens of the world’ through our interpretation.

How do interpreters strike a balance between the provision of escapist experiences of nature and history and their responsibility to address difficult, sometimes frightening or even depressing issues that belong to the field of environmental protection and communication? What possibilities come with interpreting sensitive or controversial questions in general – connected to our sites? Can the sensitivity itself be fuel for provoking thinking, to widen perspectives or to involve our participants in discussions on values and action for sustainability?

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